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Over the past several months, the coronavirus pandemic has brought dramatic change to Houston’s vibrant dining scene. Restaurants have closed their doors, both temporarily and permanently, over the past several months, but right now, both indoor and outdoor dining is possible at restaurants across the city.

And as COVID-19 cases continue to climb across the state of Texas, diners in Houston and beyond are left with a difficult choice: to dine out, or to stay at home? Some folks are enthusiastically returning to restaurants after months of staying at home, while others are choosing to stay cautious and continue ordering takeout, or stick to outdoor dining at their favorite restaurants.

However you’re handling this return to the new normal, Eater Houston wants to know. Cast your vote in the poll below, and feel free to share your thoughts in the comments. The poll will be open through Friday, October 23, and we’ll publish the results next week.


Are you dining out in Houston right now?

  • 28%

    Yes, I feel comfortable dining indoors.

    (89 votes)

  • 22%

    Yes, but only on outdoor patios.

    (72 votes)

  • 45%

    No, but I’m ordering takeout and delivery.

    (144 votes)

  • 2%

    No, I’m only cooking at home right now.

    (9 votes)

314 votes total

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