Video: Customer assaults Salem restaurant owner after arguing about fried rice and refusing to tip –

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A restaurant manager in Salem was assaulted by an enraged customer last weekend after she refused to leave a tip.

Yan Lin, the owner of Koto Grill & Sushi, told 7News Monday that the woman who attacked her first lashed out at a server over an order of fried rice, saying that it wasn’t “worth $10.”

The restaurant took the order off the bill, but Lin said she suggested that the woman’s group tip the server anyway. The manager said the customer grew frustrated and opted out of tipping at all.

The woman threw Lin against a wall when she went to charge her credit card for the bill. Lin did not add a tip.


“She was being crazy,” Lin said. “I showed her what the transaction on the screen was, what the amount was.”

Lin said she handed signed receipts and surveillance footage of the attack over to Salem Police to track down the woman and her group. She told WBZ Monday that she’s still shaken and sore from the assault Saturday.

“The only thing in my mind was, you know, glad it is not my server who gets attacked, it’s me,” Lin said. “I’m a strong woman.”

Restaurants, which typically operate under thin profit margins in the best of times, have struggled to stay afloat during the coronavirus pandemic. Nearly a quarter of Massachusetts restaurants failed to reopen by September even though indoor dining was allowed again in June, and dozens have permanently closed.

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