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HighlightsAn eatery in Ohio decided to shut shop after rising Covid casesA loyal customer of the restaurant took matters in his own handsHe left a whopping 3,000 dollar tip with an order of a single beerThere is no denying that Coronavirus has changed the way we go about our daily lives. Various sectors of the economy have been severely hit due to this. The pandemic has been especially hard on restaurants, who are struggling to cope with losses and are trying their best to entice customers to visit. Some customers are too going out of their way to sustain their favourite eateries during these testing times. One such recent gesture by a man has surprised the internet with his magnanimity. According to a viral social media post, a man tipped a whopping three thousand dollars with his order of just a single beer. Take a look at the picture of the bill:(Also Read: Outdoor Dining To Space Bubbles: How New York Restaurants Are Coping Post-COVID)The post was shared on Facebook by the owner of the restaurant Nighttown in Cleveland, Ohio. Brendan Ring was planning to shut the eatery temporarily due to the spike in Coronavirus cases. According to his post, the customer ordered a beer and asked for the check. Since he was a regular at the restaurant, he came to Brendan Ring before leaving. Sharing the credit card slip with him, he asked that the tip would be shared amongst all the employees waiting tables on the restaurant’s last day.NewsbeepRing did not suspect anything at first, as it was a completely normal gesture for a regular customer to tip generously. However, when he looked at the amount of the tip, he was shocked beyond words to see a whopping three thousand dollars as a tip on the purchase of just a single beer. Then, Ring ran after the customer to check if the tip was a mistake. But the customer denied it saying that he would see them when the restaurant reopened!(Also Read: Want To Go To A Restaurant To Eat? Check These Safety Measures Issued By CDC)Praising the good samaritan for the incredible gesture, Brendan Ring wrote, “Unbelievable but symbolic of the kind of quality folks we have know at Nighttown all these years.” “I could post his name but I won’t as I think he wouldn’t want that but all my waitstaff and myself and humbly grateful for this incredibly kind and grand gesture,” concluded Ring in his post.Have you witnessed such a wonderful gesture in the recent past? Tell us in the comments below! Comments

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