A Colombian restaurant is making 24k gold-plated burgers to woo customers – WION

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A restaurant in Colombia is offering the king of delicacies – the gold plated burger!

South China Morning Post reported that a restaurant in Bogota, Colombia has turned the world’s favourite food item into luxurious cuisine, by adding gold – 24 carat of it, to be exact. The restaurant is offering a 24-carat burger to woo customers.

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The restaurant industry has been hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic, with restaurants around the world laying off people, some shutting down, and many reporting unprecedented losses. A ban on public gatherings has turned dine-in restaurants into delivery-only outlets. 

The luxurious dish is on the menu of a restaurant in the Colombian capital, and costs about $59 each. On the other hand, a regular burger costs only $11. 

”The hamburger is put on it, the hamburger is closed, and then the gold foil goes on”, Maria Paula, the chef told South China Morning Post. 

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Paula shed light on the meticulous process involving the creation of this burger. ”It can be damaged if it sticks on your finger… it is damaged”, she further told SCMP.

Doing it right is also very important. ”If you don’t put it on right, it also gets damaged”.

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The country is reeling from the COVID-19 pandemic, and a national coronavirus lockdown was imposed in Colombia from March to August. Despite government subsidies, the measures have hurt many businesses. 

The country has recorded 1.5 million cases of coronavirus so far. The gold plated burger is part of many endeavours on the part of restaurants to bring back customers in the aftermath of COVID-19.

Want to taste gold in your next burger meal? Head on over to Colombia!

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