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HighlightsPalak corn sandwich is a restaurant-style recipeIt can easily be made at home with a few simple stepsHere’s a delicious recipe you must tryThere are very few combinations that taste as good as spinach, corn and cheese. This holy trinity makes for a wholesome meal by itself, or even as a filling inside sandwiches, samosas or patties. Sandwich is a quick and effortless snack for those untimely hunger pangs, and when paired with a delicious filling it can be all you need to eat. This restaurant-style Palak and Corn sandwich is the ultimate recipe to satiate hunger while loading up on good taste.5mts3dpgPalak corn sandwich is a recipe you must try! Here’s how to make restaurant-style palak and corn sandwich at home.Start by preparing a basic white sauce. Add butter and maida to a non-stick pan and let it brown on low heat. Now add milk and mix well to avoid lumps from forming.Add a cup of corn, cream and spinach leaves to the pan. Keep stirring continuously.Let the mixture cook for a few minutes. Then, add spices such as white sesame powder, nutmeg powder, and salt to the filing.Mix well and cover the lid to let everything bind together.Add grated cheese to the filling and mix again. Remove the pan from the flame.Butter some slices of bread and place a small quantity of the palak-corn filling inside each slice.Sprinkle some grated cheese on top and cover it with another slice.Grill the sandwich for 5-7 minutes. Cut it up and serve fresh!Watch The Full Recipe Video Of Palak Corn Sandwich here:Give your regular sandwich a delicious spin with this delightful #PalakCorn sandwich recipe!— NDTV Food (@NDTVFood) July 7, 2020Do try the recipe and tell us how you liked it in the comments below!  Comments

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