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HighlightsA US-based company has rolled out a vacancy for a candidateThey are paying $500 to watch shows and eat pizzaHere’s what the one-day job entailsImagine you’ve had a rough day at work; nothing would suit you better than to kick back your shoes and unwind with a slice of pizza and your favourite series online. But what if we told you there was a way you could get paid for doing exactly this? BonusFinder is a US-based company looking for a ‘professional binge watcher’, paying $500 to an individual for watching three series on Netflix and eating pizza. They made the announcement for the new role on their website, much to the delight of Internet users.According to the official blog about the job, the role is a one-day duty for February 9th, 2021 which is also celebrated as National Pizza Day. “What better way to celebrate National Pizza Day on February the 9th, than getting paid to sit back, relax and enjoy some quality pizza and online entertainment,” they said in the blog on the website. As for the purpose of the job, they state, “We’re now on the hunt for the perfect candidate to inform us of the best binge-able Netflix shows and the best takeout pizza to help us all through these turbulent times.”(Also Read: 5-Star Chef Lost Job During Coronavirus Pandemic And Opened Roadside Biryani Stall)Newsbeepc7pv3gtoThe selected candidate will be required to taste and review the takeout pizza. This is not the first such role that the company has launched, as they previously rolled out requirements for professional tasters for food items such as burgers, ice creams, candy and even pumpkin pie. The selected candidate will be asked to watch and review any three series out of a given list, judging it on parameters such as story, plot line, and satisfaction. A similar review would be given to the takeout pizza, which would be rated on the basis of factors such as appearance, texture and value for money.What do you think about this job opening? Do you know someone who would fit the bill? Tell us in the comments below! Comments

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