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During the lockdown, Lisa Haydon experimented in the kitchen a lot. The Queen actor often baked bread, cakes and cookies for her family and shared the recipes with us. Since then, the actor has become fond of baking and she still bakes cakes quite often. Lisa recently baked a rainbow cake at home for her younger son, who will turn one tomorrow. She also shared the steps with her fans on Instagram stories.

In the first video, Lisa explains that she decided to bake a rainbow cake for her younger son and for that she divided the batter into six parts. In the next clip, she is seen mixing the red food colour into the batter. In the last story, the mother-of-two shows the final product and shares what she learnt during the baking process.

Lisa Haydon bakes rainbow cake for son (Instagram/lisahaydon)
Lisa Haydon bakes rainbow cake for son (Instagram/lisahaydon)
Lisa Haydon bakes rainbow cake for son(Instagram/lisahaydon)
Lisa Haydon bakes rainbow cake for son(Instagram/lisahaydon)

The caption on the image read, “I learned a lot for next time like the purple layer was the first I baked and the pan was too wide so that layer is not as fluffy as the rest. Also, instead of the dark blue food colouring wish it was a more vibrant blue so will shop around for better colours next time.. all in all I feel it’s not a bad first now to dress and decorate. (sic).”

Lisa Haydon bakes rainbow cake for son(Instagram/lisahaydon)
Lisa Haydon bakes rainbow cake for son(Instagram/lisahaydon)

We are sure that after looking at this delicious cake, you will also craving to have some dessert. Well, we heard you and will be sharing an easy to make rainbow cake recipe.

Rainbow Cake Recipe


4 egg yolks

48g (1/4 cup) fine sugar

64g (1/4 cup + 1/2 tbsp) vegetable oil

80ml (1/4 cup + 1 tbsp) whole milk

1 tsp vanilla extract

¼ tsp salt

120g (1 cup) cake flour

4 egg whites

60g (1/4 cup + 1/2 tbsp) fine sugar

¼ tsp cream of tartar

Food colouring

Sugar Syrup

1 tbsp fine sugar

2 tbsp hot water

Swiss Meringue Frosting

350g (1 ½ cup + 1 tbsp) unsalted butter

6 egg whites (188g or ¾ cup)

300g (1 ½ cup) fine sugar

1 tsp vanilla extract


Separate the eggs (yolk and white). Then, in a large bowl, add the egg yolks and sugar. Mix them, until the sugar is almost dissolved. To this, add oil, milk, vanilla extract and salt and mix again nicely. For the next step, add the flour to this and whisk in a circular motion until it disappears.

In another bowl, mix the egg whites and the cream of tartar until they turn bubbly. Gradually add in the sugar and continue mixing until stiff peaks are formed.

Add the egg white mixture into the batter in few batches. Use a whisk and mix gently in a circular motion. Do not over mix the batter. Mix just until it is well combined. Separate the batter and mix the desired food colours to each part.

Pour the batter into the prepared pan (use 7 inches pan). Tap the pans a few times on the table. Bake in the preheated oven at 170°C/340°F for 15-18 min. Repeat the same process for another 3 sheet cakes.

Swiss Meringue Frosting

In a heat-safe bowl, add egg whites and sugar. Place the bowl on top of the prepared double boiler. Continuously whisk the mixture while cooking. Cook over low heat. Be cautious that high heat will overcook the eggs. This process will take at least 5 min or so. Cook until the temperature reaches between 65-70°C.

Start whisking on low. The mixture will get a little frothy. Increase speed and make sure the mixture is completely cool (before adding the butter). Add the butter cubes one by one and mix. Finally, add in the vanilla extract, and mix until combined.

Layer the cakes on top of each other and add the frosting in between each layer. Enjoy

(Recipe courtesy: Instagram/foodies_by_rom_ta)

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