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Pope Francis told to stop eating pasta to cure his sore back

Pope Francis told to stop eating pasta to cure his sore back& 

Pasta lovers, which are in millions around the world, will know how hard it can be to be off your favourite dish.

Over the years, Italian cuisine has become very popular in many countries that used to love Chinese more than anything at one time.

In other words, the delectable sauce and the shapes of the dough make pasta one of the most liked delicacies in the world. Nowadays, you will find pasta on almost every restaurant menu. That’s how much it is liked and sold everywhere.

Add guess what. Even Pope Francis is a huge pasta fan. But sadly, he has now been asked to cut down on the amount of pasta he consumes in order to cure his sore back.

According to reports, the 84-year-old has been suffering from sciatica and has been asked to lose at least 8 kgs by going on a diet.

The Pope has reportedly been experiencing much back pain that forced him to miss a number of appearances in the Vatican. There are even fears that he might be forced to cancel his trip in March.

According to a report by The Sun, doctors believe he might need an operation if he doesn’t drop some weight.

“I should be speaking to you standing up but as you know my sciatica is very painful — it is a very hostile visitor. So if you will bear with me, and I ask your forgiveness, I will address you sitting down,” he told cardinals earlier this week.

The Pope, reportedly, has now been advised to eat only small bowls of rice and plenty of fruits, vegetables, olive oil, and fish.

“If he sticks to the doctors’ advice, he’ll be fine but he’s well known for his healthy appetite,” a source was quoted by The Sun.

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