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The ongoing pandemic forced Delhi’ites to remain cooped up indoors for months, putting a brake on socialising and entertainment. Naturally, who wanted to venture out and invite getting infected? Since the only thing that could have driven people out of their homes was good food, as soon as the lockdown was lifted, restaurants and lounges reopened and food lovers made a beeline for restaurants.

Chevron, restaurant, Gwal Pahari

As our first dining-out venture, we visited Chevron, a stunning new restaurant-cum-lounge in Gurugram. Opened recently to help people get over the “quarantine fatigue”, Chevron is the latest entrant in the food and beverage scene.

Chevron, restaurant, Gwal Pahari

The restaurant’s cool ambiance pleases everyone as soon as one enters this fine dining joint. Strategically located near the Aravallis in the lush green Gwal Pahari area of Gurugram, Chevron boasts of a beautifully landscaped exterior and an artistically designed interior.

Chevron, restaurant, Gwal Pahari

With music as its central theme, the restaurant has a design sensibility that is not just pleasing to the eye; it also offers a vast amount of space for one to relax while enjoying an evening out with friends over drinks and snacks or even while hosting a family lunch.

The well-lit restaurant is divided into three sections with a separate VIP lounge on the mezzanine floor that can be easily used for private parties too.

Chevron, restaurant, Gwal Pahari

The ground floor is carefully divided into lounge and dining areas along with a well-stocked bar and a well-equipped kitchen. The brain behind Chevron, 27-year-old entrepreneur and founder of Streamin’ Music Group, Keshav Bhardwaj, has made sure that this new place would soon be a favourite with the party circuit. An alcove for the DJ or a live band is complemented by syncronised lights.

The well-equipped sound system ensures the right decibel no matter where one is seated.

Coming to the food offered, the menu is quite exhaustive and is primarily epicurean cuisine. The restaurant offers a good mix of Italian, Oriental and Continental cuisine that ensures there’s something for everyone. Visit anytime of the day, whether one is just looking for a quick evening bite or a full-fledged meal, the food at Chevron will satisfy one’s taste buds completely.

Depending on the weather, the beautifully landscaped outdoor is also inviting, where people can sit out and enjoy the flora and fauna while savoring the kitchen specialties. But we preferred to sit indoor. As it was lunch time, the restaurant was quite empty, which is what we wanted with the pandemic still in the air. In fact, the restaurant has taken care of all precaution ~ from sanitization to social distancing ~ to beat the fear.

After settling down, we began going through the menu. The attendant served us bread with various dips.

The bread was so soft, we began enjoying it. For starters, we were served Grill Caesar salad, which was very refreshing and enhanced our expectation of upcoming dishes. We were also served Italian Baked Bruschetta baked garlic bread with vegetable toppings as part of the starters.

The Assorted Cabbage Roll was blanched cabbage stuffed with mushroom and veggies with aromatic flavour. It was good but could have been better.

Since we visited the restaurant when bird flu was raging, the restaurant avoided serving us anything related to poultry.

However, we did not miss chicken dishes as the chef served a variety of delicacies in fish. For the main course, we were served Corn Crusted Fried Fish, served with greens, fries and tartar sauce. We really loved it. Our repast ended on a sweet note with Dark Chocolate Creameux.

Overall, we had a good dining experience at Chevron after the monotony of lockdown.

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