Incredible! Texas Skydivers Eat Pizza As They Freefall Towards The Ground – India Times

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There’s never a bad time to grab a bite of pizza, even if it
means free-falling from the sky. According to reports, four skydivers recently filmed themselves
eating a pizza in freefall after jumping from 14,000 feet.

Lori Patalocco, 43, and three others formed a circle around the pizza in mid-air over Houston
Mail Online

The Texas skydivers spent days practising in the sky above
Houston, before they finally did it!

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“This was the most incredible and awesome jump I’ve ever
done,” Houston’s Lori Patalocco, 43, told SWNS of the sky-high pie plan.

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The epicurean daredevil said her friend Melissa loved pizza
and wanted to test if she could eat a Margherita slice while skydiving.

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The person filming, opened the box, pulled out a pizza slice
and put it into one of the other’s mouth.

It seemed quite difficult to actually move while in the air, with the person filming just holding a pizza slice while falling
Mail Online

Looking at the video, one can imagine how difficult it can
be, moving in the air, with the person filing just holding a pizza slice while
falling. Miraculously, only one piece flies up out of the box during the tricky

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She concluded that “eating pizza in the sky is way better
than pizza on the ground.”

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