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Skydivers eat pizza while falling from 14,000 feet.

Skydivers eat pizza while falling from 14,000 feet. &  | &nbspPhoto Credit:&nbspYouTube

Houston: Pizza is a global favorite. People from different parts of the world enjoy a cheesy pie with numerous toppings. Imagine devouring one while you fall off a plane with a parachute attached to you. 

Well, this is very much a reality as well!

A skydiver from Texas named Lori Patalocco and three others ate a pizza while plummeting down 14,000 feet. The SWNS news posted the video on its YouTube page. It was shot from the skydiver’s point of view as the video was captured from the camera attached to the helmet. 

Soon after jumping off the plane, two divers come together, holding the pizza box containing a Margherita pizza. The third diver joins in when the box is opened. One by one, they feed each other. Surprisingly, only one piece fell off while the others were just devoured. 

Take a look. 

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Speaking to SWNS, Patalocco said, “This was the most incredible and awesome jump I have ever done.” She also added that her friend Melissa loves pizza and they wanted to know if she can eat it while falling from the plane onto the ground. 

As they were able to accomplish this, Patalocco and the rest of the divers were ‘stoked and excited’ when they completed the task. “We would love to try this again,” she said. She also concluded that eating pizza in the sky ‘is way better than pizza on the ground.” 

The video got 1000 views and counting on YouTube. 

Do you want to try this? 


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