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A wholesome video of strangers cheering on a child at a restaurant on a rainy day has won hearts on the internet. As the pandemic had limited human contact for over a year, many found this moment touching and it was seen as a ‘collective, social experience’.

When a family was caught in the rain near their small gateway Greenport bay area, they waited it out at a restaurant. At the eatery, a little boy identified as Liam was seen putting his arms up in the air “showing his muscles”. At first it was only people sitting at the table behind them that began to hype him up. But soon, the entire restaurant joined in to cheer every time Liam threw his hands up. The sweet moment was captured at Claudio’s Restaurant, a popular seafood joint in the area.

“This went on for about five minutes straight, including the chefs and bartenders coming out from the kitchen and behind the bar to join in, I think it’s the hardest we ever laughed,” Milestones Pediatrics, a therapy support agency that shared the clip wrote online.

“After the past year and a half it felt so nice to feel ‘close’ again to strangers, sharing in a collective, social, experience,”. the agency added.

Watch the video here:

The video brought much joy to the internet, as many said that it didn’t just make their day, but also restored their faith in humanity.

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