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If you are someone who loves food fusions, then this trending ‘Invisible Pizza’ will either satiate your love for experimental food or will leave you with a bad taste, like most netizens. Pizza is undeniably the most popular comfort food around the world, and this viral Pizza experiment is certainly a blasphemy for Pizza fanatics.

The internet has turned out to be a culinary playground for budding food enthusiasts as their food experiments get viral within a fraction of seconds, but this viral creation looks more like a lab experiment than a Pizza being baked in a connoisseur’s kitchen.

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A popular vlogger, Michael Ligier shared this unusual Pizza recipe on his Instagram page @michaelligier. Here’s how he created this transparent Pizza at home. In the post he says “This is Pizza. Okay, this doesn’t look like it, but listen to the crunch.”

What left netizens amused was the way he created this transparent Pizza. He further explained the process of making the pizza “We have really turned this kitchen into a chemistry lab, but we assure you, it surprisingly tastes just like Pizza.”

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He added “We’ve created a crystal bread base that gives our Pizza that amazing crunch, some buffalo mozzarella cheese spheres that explode with cheesy goodness in your mouth. Tomato juice caviar for that hint of sweetness and acidity. Then we topped it with some fresh basil…garlic powder…chilli flakes…I know this is extra…”

The video was shared by YouTube on its official Instagram handle, which made it viral within a few seconds garnering 23.6k likes and thousands of comments.

While the internet is divided in terms of opinion about this food trend, what is your take on this ‘Invisible Pizza’?

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