Wren restaurant review: Inspired by Japan, it flies high in Tysons – The Washington Post

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This being a hotel restaurant, there’s a hamburger, and it’s an impressive one. Wren uses buttery Wagyu beef for the patty, which arrives with some crunch from onion in addition to sriracha-spiced aioli on a toasted brioche bun. The juicy sandwich blossoms in the company of french fries, hand-cut and dusted with Japanese chile pepper. You can find a steak here as well, and it reinforces Matsuzaki’s belief that everything on the plate should be there for a reason. In this case, leeks act as a sweet foil to the grilled rib-eye and wasabi-green mashed potatoes. If I’m going to get meat here, though, it’s going to be in the form of ramen, thick with egg noodles, earthy pork and corn in a spicy miso broth that finds me tilting the bowl so as not to miss a drop.

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