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Alas, the sweet bliss of the weekend is almost here! We finally get the needed break from the hustle-bustle of daily life and get to enjoy a few sweet moments for ourselves. Foodies tend to shower themselves with delicious food on the weekend, as it is the best excuse to indulge in all our cravings. The weekend’s guilty pleasure is often something masaledaar and delicious. One often gets confused about what to eat and is spoiled for choice. We wish to eat pasta, but at the same time have a hankering for butter chicken! For such bizarre cravings, we have shortlisted five delicious desi pastas that you can easily make at home this weekend!

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5 Desi Pasta Recipes That Shall Satisfy Your Cravings:

1. Butter Chicken Pasta

This butter chicken pasta brings the best of both worlds, the spicy and aromatic flavours of Indian with the deliciousness of the Italian. This creamy and delicious pasta immerses the tanginess of butter chicken and makes it a fusion Indo-Italian delicacy!

Please click here for the full recipe for Butter Chicken Pasta.


2.Pasta Samosa

Easy, quick and delicious, there’s no doubt that we all love samosas! Be it aloo samosa, paneer samosa or keema samosa, we can enjoy it in all forms. Give an Italian twist to your beloved samosas and fill them with a unique, spicy and zingy filling of pasta and cheese.

Please click here for the full recipe for Pasta Samosa.

3.Penne In Kolhapuri Jhatka

This ooey-gooey dreamily delectable baked penne pasta dish with cheese that is bubbly and browned, sauce that’s zesty and tangy with a bang of Kolhapuri jhatka is bound to make your taste buds tingle and appetite aroused!

Please click here for the full recipe of Penne In Kolhapuri Jhatka.

4.Goda Masala Pasta

A Maharashtrian twist to the Italian delicacy, this super delicious pasta is cooked in a flavourful sauce made from Goda masala. Goda translates to sweet in Marathi which refers to a sweet essence that one can find in this spice unlike the heat and pungency of other spices.

Please click here for the full recipe of Goda Masala Pasta.


5.Indian-Style Masala Macaroni

The classic mac and cheese get a desi makeover with this recipe. Macaroni is cooked in an onion-tomato mixture with ginger-garlic paste and green chillies to make a spicy and masaledaar macaroni. Pair it with a slice of bread butter or garlic bread.

Please click here for the full recipe for Indian-Style Masala Macaroni

Try out these desi pasta recipes at home and let us know in the comments section below which one is your favourite!

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