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There are various sorts of foods that keep being innovated day in and day out, by people who love to cook or are professional chefs. But there are some dishes that one can just not get out of their heads once they come across them, owing to how totally bizarre and unbelievable the assortment of ingredients is. And this particular chef who primarily lives and breathes different kinds of bread and dough, has taken things to another tier by making a pizza with ice toppings. Yes, you read that right and you certainly need to watch this video that shows the making of ice pizza.

The video has been shared on Instagram on the page of a chef who goes by Does He Bake Dough. He has over 78,000 dedicated followers on this page who look forward to his new adventures with dough every day. But this particular pizza that he made with ice toppings, in a way that the ice doesn’t even endure till the end, has been making a lot of people question this particular recipe. An individual posted, “I seriously can’t tell if this is a joke or not.” And we are quite sure that you will be echoing the same sentiments after you take a look at the video below.

Shared on June 5, this viral pizza-making video has received over 7.4 million views and several comments.

An Instagram user writes, “Showed this to my Italian friend, he died.” “Is it pasta water ice cubes?” questions another comment. A third comment asked, “Why the ice?”


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