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Knock, Knock. Who’s There? No one just Sara Ali Khan celebrating her birthday bash in New York City. We got a little sneak peek into her birthday celebration. Courtesy: Her friends. Keeping aside her commitment to diet, Sara has indulged in not one but two cakes. The first one was a small chocolate layered cake, generously coated with chocolate. A sparkling candle stands tall on the cake. And, of course, it looked yummy. Don’t forget the toppings. Check it out here:

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Wondering what about the second cake? Read on. Sara, who was joined by her friends at a restaurant, was seen sitting at a table with a small vanilla cake with chocolate icing. Well, we would like to add that cake was so silky smooth that Sara just scooped it off with a spoon full to relish. 


Who doesn’t like a slice of cake?  These sugary delights doused in gooey chocolate or infused with the goodness of nuts are a treat to the taste buds. Here are a bunch of recipes you can follow to bake yourself this yummy delight.  

1.Chocolate Cake 

Loaded with gooey chocolate, this mouthwatering dessert is all you need to lift your spirits. A rich and moist chocolate cake is for sure a real crowd pleaser. 

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2.Marble Cake 

Flavours of vanilla, cocoa, and chocolate make this cake an all-time favourite. 

3.Pumpkin and Oats Cake 

Looking for a healthy cake indulgence? Pumpkins and oats come together to give you a heartwarming dessert that scores high on both taste and health quotient. Have a guilt-free indulgence.

4.Vanilla Cake 

Save this easy peasy vanilla cake recipe to enjoy a slice of this ever-green flavour. 

5.Banana Cake 

Nice and nutty with the creamy flavour of banana and not to miss the lingering flavour of cinnamon. It is a perfect teatime treat. 

Which one is your favourite?

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