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For a true foodie, a bowl of noodles at a fancy restaurant and a plate of tikki on the street side are equally tempting. But if at all a comparison has to be made by the masses, street food will win. The mere sight of those spicy chaats and one whiff of the frying samosas rivet our attention in an instant. But just when we see the grease on the maida-filled fritters, we hold ourselves back. Do you regularly find yourself fighting your temptations with health on your mind? We too do that and find it utterly unfair.  

Having our favourite street foods without any guilt is not a far-fetched dream. You can either look for healthier options or use your creativity to turn ‘unhealthy’ into ‘healthy’ and make your own healthy street foods at home. 

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Here are 5 street foods that are surprisingly healthy: 

1. Kulle Chaat 

When health experts suggest snacking on fruits and veggies like cucumber when hunger strikes at odd hours, we choose to ignore it. But if you taste this kullar chaat once, you’ll opt for it with all your heart. This chaat is famously sold at some street stalls in old Delhi but you can also make it at home. Here’s the recipe.


2. Wheat Momos 

Momos look like a healthier snack since they are steamed but the maida overload ruins our healthy diet. So pick wheat steamed momos from places like Brown Sugar in Delhi or make them at home with the help of this recipe.

3. Dahi Bhalla 

If you don’t know this already, fried bhallas made with dal are soaked in water for some time before they are turned into chaat. So you can expect a lot of oil washed away. Always ask the street vendor to exclude the fried papadis from your chaat. 

4. Bhel Puri 

Light, puffed rice, peanuts, onion, tomatoes, coriander leaves – everything about bhel puri is nice and light. So whenever you are craving something chatpata, bhel puri should be your pick, or make at home with this recipe. 

5. Bhutta 

Corn on the cob is the healthiest street food out there. Whole corn cob roasted over smoky charcoal is full of flavours and satisfying too. There’s no way you can resist it when and where you spot it. 


Street foods can be healthy too. It depends on your choice. Use this list to make street food snacking a fun and guilt-free affair.  

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